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March 2019

Maharaja Rajasthan Ultramarathon (MARU)
Gajner to Jaisalmer – Rajasthan - INDIA
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MARU – Maharaja Rajasthan Ultramarathon

29 March 2019 - Register Now!

by World Running Academy Extreme Races

The MARU – Maharaja Rajasthan Ultramarathon - is an extreme race in self-sufficiency that will take place next March in the Thar desert - Rajasthan area, India.
It is available in two formats: the full ride of 250 km (6 stages of about 40km daily with a long stage of 80 km) and the MARU Lite, 150km in 6 stages in semi-self-sufficiency regime (6 stages to 20/30 km per day with a long section of 40 km).
Athletes who run the Lite will have the advantage of being directly transported by 4WD veichles to one of the checkpoints to run the daily stage.
The two races, however, share the same path, the same fields and will have the same time duration.

Participants of the MARU Lite will be asked to prepare the pack (which will bring with them) with all mandatory equipment and the necessary food for three days, and a bag - maximum of 3 kg with a label bearing the athlete's details - containing ONLY the food for the remaining 3 days of competition, which will be delivered to the organization at the time of the mandatory material control. At the end of the third stage or before the beginning of the fourth (long march), runners will receive the food bags to put in their backpack.

All other participants, in complete self-sufficiency regime, will carry their backpack -maximum recommended weight of about 10 kg- which will contain clothing, freeze-dried food, compulsorily 18,000 kcal and mandatory equipment. The athletes start from tented camp in the morning. The camps will be disassembled from the on-site staff and reassembled at the end of the stage after the athletes have started the daily stage. Each field includes: tents, hot and cold water supplies, a medical tent (a doctor, three nurses and medical equipment), a media tent (computers, wifi and possibly satellite phone), 4WD veichles and personnel for transfer and disassembly/ reassembly.
At the end of each stage athletes will get to the night camp.

Participants of the MARU 250km will run from camp to camp, runners of the LITE however, from one of the checkpoint to the final field.

The organization will provide about 10 liters of bottled water (that can be warmed up for food preparation) per day per person, which will be distributed both at the checkpoints and at base camp. Is it strictly forbidden to use the water for washing.

The race will take place in total safety, with medical and nursing staff at checkpoints about every 10 kilometers on the path and at the base camps (2/3 jeep with a doctor and nurses to more medical supplies on board).
Each checkpoint will also feature an assistant who will take the passage time of the participants. Race Director and Camp Manager will be connected all the time via radio, both with checkpoints and base camp. Staff members are connected by radio / walkie talkie. Every 50 meters (every 20 in case of bad/low visibility) the path with be marked with a reflective flag.
The course is designed by Paolo Barghini, Ultramarathon world champion, WRA Extreme Races Race Director.

Each participant will be covered by medical insurance and trip cancellation for health reasons.

The exact route will be announced two weeks before departure.

The soil is mixed with sand dunes, marshes and rocky stretches.

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