Rules and Regulation

1. Definition of the race
The MARU 250 km/150 km Maharaja Rajasthan Ultramarathon is a multistage self sufficiency foot race of the duration of a week.

2. Material
Each competitor must compulsorily bring the material indicated by the organization and at least 16,000 kcal of food

3. Conditions
Entrants must be of legal age and must present a medical certificate issued 30 days before the event.

4. Release
The contract containing the clauses relating to the specific risks and the rights of image will be sent to the competitors and must be returned signed for acceptance and acknowledgment .

5. Controls
The organization reserves the right to check before and during the match the materials and the amount of calories of each competitor.

6. Path
Competitors must necessarily follow the path route and check the punch at checkpoints, (penalty if they fail to do it: exclusion of the race)

7. Water
The water will be distributed at the end of each stage (5 liters) and at each CP (1.5 liters)

8. Marked path
The route will be marked by colored flags placed every 50/100 meters (10 if the path is not clear)

9. Times
There will be a time limit to finish the stage, given from time to time by the Race Director and also the gates to the steps to the various CP.

10. Ranking
The ranking will be determined daily and will consist of the sum of the times of each competitor for each stage.