Useful Tips

Be fit for the race
Obviously, athletes who took part in the race must be trained and fit ... And not only physical fitness, but also (and perhaps even more) mental: there will be some really hard times when you will want to drop everything and go back home to eat your favorite dish. There will be unexpected episodes of extreme fatigue and possibly anxiety, and all this must be taken into account, so make sure that your physical and mental preparation go hand in hand.
The goal is to get to the end of the race and cross the finish line, and to do that you have to run something like five and a half marathons in self-sufficiency, all you will ever need during this time will be on your shoulders, in your backpack. In addition to the mental and physical fitness, the race itself and the enviroment requires a strong ability to adapt and/or be keen on adventure: the competition is tough as tough is the life in the camp: the sharing of effort and fatigue with other competitors, plus the sensations that only the desert can give, will make the experience unforgettable: MAKE FRIENDS IN PAIN AND YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE

Food and... more
The food that you bring to consume during the race must be freeze-dried , to be prepared in a short time with the hot water you have available at the checkpoints or to the camps.
Also recommended: some snacks to eat during the race (energy bars, cereal or fruit bars etc)
Some of the indispensable items: sleeping bag. Change of clothes. Emergency medical kit and all the mandatory material.

Choose them carefully and test them before leaving, get used to your shoes and run on sandy/rocky terrain to get a taste of what you'll find in the path itself. With the heat of the desert feet tend to swell: do not buy shoes that will wrap your feet, otherwise they'll get too tight. Remember, shoes are your link with the land, pay attention to substance rather than aesthetics!

It's hot in the desert
Besides shoes, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen can really make a difference.
Learn more about the most suitable and, if possible, try several products before buying (and above all, test them before you get to run the race!). If you have a friend who has already run this type of races do not hesitate to ask for advice.

Lost athletes
Losing themsleves during the race is virtually impossible.
In addition to the path marked with reflective sticks every 50/100 meters , you will receive a very detailed road book before departure.
On particularily tough spots there will be the presence of personnel to give directions.
Plus, before each stage start, the Race Director will brief all runners to describe the stage and its possible "mix ups .