Dasht-e-Lut desert the HOTTEST place on earth

Panoramic view during sunset of Dasht-e Loot, in English "Emptiness desert", located in the provinces of Kerman and Sistan-Baluchistan, Iran. This place is pretty special for being the spot on the Earth where the highest temperature was ever measured (70 °C or 159 °F) and since July 2016 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. it.wikipedia en.wikipedia


What is the WRA-XR ISRU – Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon?

The WRA-XR ISRU – Iraninan Silk Road Ultramarathon is an extreme foot race, 200/120 km length in self-sufficiency, to run in 5 stages (6 days) on variour terrains in the iranian desert of Dasht-e-Lut.

Why the Dasht-e-Lut desert?

Because it merges the intense fascination of Middle-East with a morphological diversity, with a variety of sceneries as Qaluts, Canyons, Qanats, the medieval citadels, the lava platforms, the salt river that runs through canyons and rocks, creating unbelievable waterfalls…

What are the requirements to participate in the race?

There's no need of qualifications to participate in the ISRU race, but runners must be over 18 and healthy. A medical certificate is required, to be sent to the organization at least one month prior the race along with a form that describes the physical conditions and the fitness level.
In order to be registered in the race, the runner needs to fill the registration form and send the deposit via wire transfer within the (termini temporali) time.

Can i walk the stages? (or walk/run?)

Yes. The speed is free and you can run or walk. The Race Director, though, can put time limit to the stages. The minimum average speed will be around 3-4 km per hour.

What if i cannot run 200 km?

The ISRU race is (proposta) in two versions (proprio per andare incontro) for the runners who want to run a lighter race. There's the (integrale) race ( 200km, 5 stages, 30/35 km average daily length + a 60 km long stage) and the Lite version (120 km, 5 stages, 20 km average daily length + a 40 km long stage). Runners who go for the Lite will have the advantage of being transferred by 4WD offroad veichles to the first checkpoint to start their daily stage. Both races, though, share the same path, same camps and will have the same time length.

When should I register?

Our advice is to register at least 4 months prior the event. Places will be insured by the balance payment receipt.
If about a week before the contest there were no more places available, the runners will be included in a waiting list and called in the event of a waiver.

What is included in the entry fee?

- 2 nights in hotel before and after the race, in double room with full board
- 6 nights in desert camps or caravanserrai
- transfers and medical support during the race
- drinking water – hot (food preparation) and cold
- english speaking guide
- registration fees, bib, finisher t-shirt and medal
- award ceremony and banquet

Wil medical staff be present during the race?

The race will take place in extremely safe conditions, with medical and nursing personnel at every checkpoint -about every 10 km- and in the medical tent in the camps (2/3 offroad veichles with doctor, nurse + medical equipment)

What should i bring?

All participants will have with them a backpack (advised max weight: 10 kg) containing garments, liophilized and/or dried food (at least 18,000 kcal mandatory) and required equipment.

Where will I sleep?

For the whole duration of the race, athletes will stop overnight in tented camps or caravanserrai, in spectacular places to admire amazing starry skies, or in ancient and legendary caravanserai that were used by caravans traveling on the Silk Road.

Where is the meeting point? How do i get there?
How can relatives and friends to follow me during the race?

Those who want to follow the exploits of a participant can check on the News and The Race day by day links on the site, that will be activated as soon as at the race starts. Breaking News will be also added to our Facebook Page. It will be also possible to send a message to a participant, a service that will be also activated after the race has started.

Can I come to volunteer?

There will be only a few volunteers, who will have the free trip. If you want to apply, send an email to isru@worldrunnigacademy.com specifying your useful qualities for the event (nurses, doctors, photographers, journalists, IT, languages spoken).

Can I participate as an escort of my friend/collegue/relative runner?

We are currently organizing cultural tours in small groups that will include the most interesting attractions of Iran. The last two days - coinciding with the last two days of the race – the participants will sleep in tented camps with runners and will witness the arrival in the city of Kerman and the awards ceremony, gala dinner included.
If interested, click on the banner on the home page "Iran - special tours for ISRU friends" (or something )

Can i run for a charity?

Of course. Upon enrollment, you can specify which charity you run for.

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