Dasht-e-Lut desert the HOTTEST place on earth

Panoramic view during sunset of Dasht-e Loot, in English "Emptiness desert", located in the provinces of Kerman and Sistan-Baluchistan, Iran. This place is pretty special for being the spot on the Earth where the highest temperature was ever measured (70 °C or 159 °F) and since July 2016 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. it.wikipedia en.wikipedia

ISRU - Mandatory Material

  • Backpack (at least 20 liters)

  • Sleeping bag

  • Headlamp

  • Windbreaker

  • Water bottle (minimum 1,5 lt)

  • Knife

  • T-shirt

  • Running shorts (men)

  • Leggins+Running skirt (women)

  • Running shoes

  • Running socks

  • Long sleeves t-shirt

  • 18,000 kcal (minimum) of food (for 150k attendees, a bag to leave to the organization containing the food for the final four days)

  • Spoon

  • Bowl

  • Hat with neck cover

  • Emergency blanket (thermal)

  • Sunblock

  • Sunglasses

  • First-aid kit

  • Gaiters

  • Whistle

  • Mirror

  • Compass

  • Toilet paper

  • Red flashing light

  • Alcohol gel

  • Salt caps

  • Safety pins (8)

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