Dasht-e-Lut desert the HOTTEST place on earth

Panoramic view during sunset of Dasht-e Loot, in English "Emptiness desert", located in the provinces of Kerman and Sistan-Baluchistan, Iran. This place is pretty special for being the spot on the Earth where the highest temperature was ever measured (70 °C or 159 °F) and since July 2016 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. it.wikipedia en.wikipedia

ISRU - Programme 2021

Sunday, October 3
  • Transfert from Kerman International Airport to Camp 0 (Eco Camp).

October 4 / October 7 (Stage 1 - Stage 4)
  • Stage 1 - Monday, October 4 - 35 km - Race as per program.

  • Stage 2 - Thusday, October 5 - 38 km - Race as per program.

  • Stage 3 - Wednesday, October 6 - 42 km - Race as per program.

  • Stage 4 - Thursday, October 7 - 65 km - Race as per program.

Friday, October 8 (Stage 5)
  • Triumphant arrival at the finish line - 20 km (back to Eco Camp).

  • In the evening Gala Dinner and Award cerimony at Eco Camp.

Saturday, October 9
  • Transfert to Kerman International Airport

Each daily stage of Iranian Silk road Ultramarathon (200 km - Self Sufficiency) is about 35 km, with a long section of 65km. Athletes who run the Lut desert challenge (120 km - Supported Self Sufficiency*) will be transported directly from the night camp to the first checkpoint to take the stage (about 20 km per day). The two races share the same path, the same camps and the same time duration. Overnights in tents or in caravanserai.

* (supported self sufficiency . At the end of stage3 runners of the Lut desert challenge receive a bag of food that they give at the organization before the race)

Daily distribution of drinking water, cold as well as hot for food preparation.

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